About Warden Home Inspections

​The purpose of a home inspection is to to assess the condition of the house at the time of the inspection using visual observations, simple tools and normal homeowner operational controls; and to report deficiencies of specific systems and components.

Warden Home Inspections must perform all inspections in compliance with the Standards of Practice set forth by the state of California and InterNACHI.

A home inspection is not technically exhaustive and does not identify concealed conditions or latent defects.

I’m Sky Pelham, the owner and operator of Warden Home Inspections. I come from a family of builders and soldiers. While they all became Marines and Private Contractors, I went my own way and joined the Army then became a Home Inspector. One of my favorite places to inspect was New Zealand. I was ankles deep in earthquake regions and always on the go. The top two tools in my arsenal, besides knowledge, is my thermal gun and moisture meter. Why were those tools so vital? Because have the ability find problems while they were still small. Considering small issues aren’t normally seen until they become bigger and more expensive, I’ve got to say I’m immensely proud of my work. Entrust me to be your Home Buyer’s Advocate.